The best tips for hiring in-home eldercare include making sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured to work in your loved one’s home. Home-Aid Caregivers, LTD has been providing that service for the Tyler, TX area for over a decade. A+ Rating with BBB

Finding the best in-home caregivers for your elderly parent is a team effort.

“Who’s going to take the best care of my mom and dad? Who’s going to give them what they need, not what I need necessarily, but what they need? I’m going to want someone that’s going to communicate with me, openly, honestly and timely.”

Hello, this is Joey Coker, the owner of Home Aid Caregivers here in Tyler, Texas. In our series of videos, we’ve been talking about senior in-home care. Today, we’re going to talk about the best tips for hiring in-home caregivers for your elderly parent. I might be a little biased of course because I own a company, but we’re going to look at this objectively. This is something you need to take seriously because you’re talking about putting someone with your mom or dad.

So, what do you look for? This is not like buying a car, it’s not even like buying a house. This isn’t just a money decision. This is an emotional decision. This decision involves their peace of mind, as well as your peace of mind. It’s a security, safety issue. It’s a quality of care issue.

Whoever’s taking care of your mom or dad, whether it’s in an institutional setting, or home setting, if they’re not communicating with you, they’re not doing what they should be. We want to make sure that your mom or dad feels safe from being exploited. Too many seniors are exploited in the United States every day. They are easy targets for a lot of people. So, we want to make sure that whatever you choose to do is closely supervised by the family, as well as the provider.

When I talk to people about private caregivers (someone they find and hire themselves) versus using services from a company like mine, although there are good private caregivers you’re rolling the dice when you choose someone who’s not licensed, bonded, or insured, and is not closely supervised. You’re putting a lot of trust in someone, and they might be the greatest person in the world but they could just as easily be the worst person for your family member.

When you’re talking about hiring a company, a company like Home-Aid Caregivers, for instance, you want to ask, “How long has the company been in business? What’s the background of the people who are running the business? Did they get into this because they saw a sign that said, “Buy a franchise?” Although there are a lot of good franchise owners, there are a lot of franchises being managed by people who are more interested in the senior care business than in seniors.

Can you get good references for the people who work for them? Can you reach the people in charge of the company? Are they available to talk to? Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? All those things make up your due diligence. Once you’ve completed that and met the people who will be responsible to your parent and you, then you make the decision you think is best for you and be sure to keep an eye on the situation. This doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. If it doesn’t work, you can change it anytime for the betterment of your elderly parent.

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