Choices: Why Choose In-Home Care?

Today’s topic is, Why in-home care? Seniors today have a lot of choices. They can go to institutional care, stay home, have private sitters, pay people like companies like me to come help them. But let’s talk about why you want to stay home, which I think has an obvious answer. Surveys throughout the years show people want to be home. Most people want to stay in their own home.

Why do you want to be home? I think there are several reasons. You feel more safe in your own home. You’re more tied to the community, your friends, your church, and your neighbors in your own home. You feel a sense of security. You have a connection to the past and all the happy times with your family and your friends. All these reasons contribute to the desire to be at home and in-home care allows you to do that.

The real question is, can you live safely at home? With in-home care assistance, you can. Most often, people do not need a lot of help to make it through the day. They may need some help, supplemental help, from someone coming in a few hours a day. But for the most part, seniors do not need someone with them around the clock. Therefore, when you’re looking at what to do with your family, you look at what makes them happy and you weigh that against what they really need.

Why in-home care? Because we know you want to live in your home for as long as you can.

When choosing senior care there are a lot of factors that I’ll be addressing in upcoming articles.