Getting Started with Home Care

Getting Started with Home Care: A Comprehensive Guide by Home-Aid Caregivers


Getting started with home care can be a smooth and straightforward process with the help of Home-Aid Caregivers. Our step-by-step guide provides all the information you need to begin quality care for your loved ones in Tyler, TX. Additionally, we offer personalized assistance to ensure that every aspect of your care needs is addressed. Let us help you navigate the journey to finding the right home care solutions for your family.



Free Consultation

First, you need to contact us for your free consultation. When you call Home-Aid Caregivers, you’ll speak with one of our of trained and experienced staff members who will review your loved one’s information. We ask questions about medical conditions, what struggles your loved one is experiencing, and what type of care you want for them. We also find out what your loved one likes to do and what they enjoy.


In-Home Assessment

Before you make any decisions, we set up a time to visit your loved one’s home with you and complete an in-home assessment. We ask a lot more questions then and find out what tasks, duties, and requests you have for your caregiver. At this time, we also discuss how affordable and flexible we can be in caring for your loved one.


Care Plan

In collaboration with your family, we will develop an individual care plan to best meet your loved one’s needs. We know that bringing a new person into your loved one’s home can be a difficult decision, so we help you every step of the way. Unlike medical nursing agencies, Home-Aid Caregivers does not dictate what your care plan will be. We review what we’ve learned from you and your loved one and provide care options for you choose from. We work with you to determine what’s the best course of care and then we follow your plan.

We work with you to create a schedule that fits both your needs and those of your aging parent or loved one. Whether we visit occasionally when you need a break or if you schedule us for daily care, our caregivers will be there to support your loved one’s needs and schedule. We care for your loved one with the same gentleness we give to our own family members. Whether we stop by to help with the household chores or work in shifts around the clock, your loved one will be cared for in the most loving and nurturing manner.


Our Caregivers

Once we agree on the care and the costs, we speak with our current group of caregivers to find the best possible match. We review the specifics of your case and develop a personal plan for our caregiver to take care of your loved one. We then accompany the caregiver to your loved one’s home and make an introduction.

Our caregivers interact with your loved one in a way that feels more like a visit from good friend: engaging in meaningful conversations, working together on hobbies, reading inspiring materials that keep your loved ones connected to the world around them, sharing thoughts and feelings that help maintain their feelings of purpose and value. We can also provide personalized activities that can be customized for your loved one’s special interests.

We conduct extensive interviews and thoroughly screen applicants to ensure that our caregivers are caring, honest and dependable. You can be certain our employees will conduct themselves with integrity and compassion.

In addition to our family-oriented perspective, our caregivers receive comprehensive training and are experienced with age-related issues. We understand some people need friendly companionship while others prefer less interaction from in-home care. You are able to meet with our caregivers in order to find a great fit for your loved one’s personal preferences.



We take the burden of hiring, screening, paying, and supervising employees off of you. Because your caregiver is employed by Home-Aid Caregivers, Ltd., you don’t have to worry about paying their taxes or Social Security. You won’t need to be responsible for their supervision, management or staffing. We begin weekly invoicing once care has begun. Payment can be made with cash, check, credit or debit card.


Ongoing Management

We review each case based on several things: how well the caregiver and client get along, the mental capacity of the client and the client’s ability to communicate with us about the caregiver.

We respect family’s choice on how often we provide ongoing communication. We communicate with you a minimum of once per month and will keep in touch via phone also. You can rest assured that we are checking in, providing care, and reporting back to you at a level that keeps everyone comfortable and well informed.

We are here for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where you can speak to a person, not a machine. We are here to adjust or review a plan of care as your needs change or the needs of your loved one’s change.