We’re going to talk about how to make the best eldercare decision for your parent. This is obviously not a simple decision, it’s multifaceted. This is Joey Coker, owner of Home Aid Caregivers here in Tyler, Texas. We’ve had a series of videos and we’re talking about senior related issues, eldercare, cost of service, and what’s appropriate. 

Anytime you have a difficult decision to make or a challenging decision, there are certain steps you take and certain things you consider. In this particular instance, you’ve got to consider everything from your loved one’s physical and mental capabilities to their desires and quality of life. This is not something you want to force upon them. You want to consider their community support such as the people there to help them in their community, especially if you don’t live near them. And you want to consider the financial aspects. Can you afford what you need? If not,  what are your options?

When you look at the decision you may want to break it down into steps. First gather all the facts, all the data you can get. Talk to people who know more than you about your loved one’s circumstances. Talk to experts. Talk to people in the field.

In this particular circumstance, you want to talk to companies like Home-Aid Caregivers that provide the services you need. You also want to get your family member’s doctors involved in the decision-making process up front. Get their opinion, because your loved one probably will listen to their doctor more than they will listen to you in some situations.


You want to consider the uniqueness of their situation. What makes your mom and dad different? Every person is different. Every person has different needs.

And then you may just want to pray about it. That might sound hokey to you, but that’s the way I make my decisions. Make your decisions however it’s comfortable, but whatever you do, be sure you put some deep thought into this. Really think about it, because this is a big decision to make.

People like me can help you make the decision, or at least give you the information you need to understand what’s available. You might not need what Home-Aid Caregivers provides and you may want to talk to different people in the industry. Remember, it’s a big decision for your mom or dad or elder relative, making it with them and their doctors makes it an easier transition.

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